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Opponents of Prop 227

Talking Points Against Proposition 227


1. Proposition 227 appropriates $50 million dollars a year for a new spending program-not in our schools-but to teach adults English if they pledge to provide personal English tutoring to children in their community.

2. We should not spend $50 million dollars a year for a new program that will not go to our schools and will have no accountability.

3. This March, the State Board of Education ended mandatory bilingual education. Schools can now use different methods for teaching English. Proposition 227 ends that new freedom and mandates a single teaching method that's never been tested.

4. Proposition 227's financial impacts on individual school districts will vary widely by district. According to the Legislative Analyst's summary "the costs to the state would likely reduce spending on other school programs by a like amount."

5. Proposition 227 makes it illegal to teach in the children's language to help them learn English. It permits lawsuits by parents and guardians against teachers, school principals and school board members.

6. Proposition 227 permits only one year of English instruction and denies more instruction to kids who need it even if they are trying as hard as they can.

7. Under Proposition 227, English learners from different ages and grade levels will be taught together in one classroom for up to one year.

8. Many school districts currently are using different methods to teach children English. Proposition 227 bans all local programs-even the best ones-and imposes one state mandate.

9. Teachers need to have no other qualification than a good knowledge of English language.

10. Proposition 227 is opposed by the California League of Women Voters, California PTA, California Teachers Association, California Federation of Teachers, California School Boards Association and the Association of California School Administrators.

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